Potting Soil & Substrates

The most suitable organic
substrate for horticulture

Coir pith, a by-product of the fibre extraction process from coconut husks with holds the ability to replace soil, peat moss and all other growing medium helping farmers to achieve efficient and profitable yield. On use of the coarse coir pith a plant shows 40-50% increase in root growth and thus a healthier plant.

The renewable resource when mixed in proportions with other bio-degradable growing media delivers high yield and a good quality produce of vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

The best choice for farmers over peat moss and
other traditional substrates.

Coconut coir pith are easily replenishable, sustainable in providing excellent growing medium for all horticultural
application. Definitely this is more advantageous than other substrates.

  • Contains Natural Nutrients, Beneficial for Plant Growth
  • Coir Pith can be Washed &
  • Absence of Pest &
  • Quick Harvest with
    Big Yields

Coir pith containing fibres retains many air pockets that increases the surface area for the root system which provides better absorption of nutrients from the soil.

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